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Why use Adam The Groomer’s Wash-in Service?

• Pet grooming in our safe, sanitary, roomy and climate controlled mobile grooming studio on wheels right in your driveway

• Low Stress convenience means no driving to and from a grooming salon for you and your pet

• Reduced pet stress because there is no kenneling, crating, caging, and waiting at the grooming salon

• Absolutely no chance of injury due to dangerous pet interaction

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What people think of our grooming service

Adam The Groomer has helped us care for our dogs for almost five years. He first came to us to groom our elderly Cairn terrier, who was fifteen years old and increasingly stressed spending the day at an outside groomer. Adam was patient and gentle with him, helping to make his final year happy. The convenience and ease of having him groomed at home were very comforting. We have continued to use Adam’s services with our other two dogs. They both enjoy Adam and are beautifully groomed. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Adam without reservation.

I couldn’t stand the thought of having my dog Frederick sit in a kennel all day waiting to be groomed. When I discovered Adam the Groomer, I knew I was about to do something for my dog that I thought was very compassionate. The ad said “we’ll come to you”. After meeting Adam, I was thrilled, and my dog was no longer traumatized by getting groomed. That was 13 years ago and I still as satisfied now as I was then.

Adam has been my dog, Dakota’s groomer for the past 8 years. Dakota is a Wolf/Shepard hybrid. She is solid white and has an attitude, that to most people is intimidating.

Adam not only does an excellent job keeping her looking great, he has a bond with her that is amazing.

He is a good friend to both of us and has helped me out many times, above and beyond, even taking her to the emergency room when she got really sick.

Adam really cares about Dakota and she loves him. I highly recommend him to take care of your pet.

Want to learn more about healthy and holistic ways to care for your pet?

Want to learn more about healthy and holistic ways to care for your pet?

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