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Corporate Wiggle Waggle At Work Program

Adam The Groomer is excited to be part of your corporate benefits program. You are doing a great thing by adding this as a unique program and company benefit. Did you know that the following facts have been documented as to the benefits of you implementing this for your staff?

  • Less stress: Employees no longer are worried about leaving their pets at home alone
  • Exercise & convenience: Many report that having their dogs in the office keeps them in better health due to walking them at their break time and lunch breaks.
  • Work/life balance and mental breaks: Stuck in a rut, can’t see the solution to the problem? Grab the dog and walk around the block! Stepping away with their 4 legged buddies can help them get a new perspective.
  • Comic relief and petting therapy: Stress levels naturally fall when pets are around. It’s hard to be overwhelmed by work when a dog goes skittering by or comes over to say hello. And it’s not uncommon for folks to actively seek out their favorite pups when they need a break.
  • Culture benefits and setting the tone: This program can help you attract great employees and also having it on your social media can help boost interactions with pet loving customers resulting in more sales of your products or services!

We offer our corporate program to offices that have 6 or more dogs that need to be groomed. We will rally up our groomers and head on over to do the following services at a 10% discount off our normal rates plus see our other great services included at no additional cost which is valued over $25.00!

Adam The Groomer also is a supplier of holistic and healthy pet products and foods through our website at www.wigglewaggleworld.com. We are dedicated to your pet’s quality of life from the inside out.

Each furry friend gets the following:

  • One bag of holistic healthy treats (up to a $10.00 value)
  • Entry into our monthly nationwide cutest dog contest with a prize of a free grooming
  • Before and after pictures taken and text to pet owners and to you for your social media sites like Facebook.
  • All owners will get 5% off on all our pet supplies and food, with free delivery on our next visit to the office.
  • Free one month membership to our Wiggle Waggle world site.
  • 5% back to you on money spent on our grooming services.
  • We will also give you 5% of any additional at home services that your employees may need as well.

We are here to help support you in this great program, and having us come to your office gives the pet owner some dedicated time on tasks while we make their furry friends look and smell great!