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Get answers to commonly asked questions

If you have questions about Adam the Groomer or the services that we offer, it’s a good bet that other people have asked the same questions already. The information below lists a number of questions commonly asked of people who are considering our service for their pets. Feel free to browse through the listing to find the answers that you’re seeking. Should you not find the answer to your question below, we welcome you to contact our office at 1-877-WIGGLIE (944-4543). We look forward to hearing from you!

Q.) What does a grooming include?
A.) Bath, Blow Dry, Brushing, Clipping/Styling, Nails, Ear Cleaning, Anal Glands (If Needed), Shed-Outs, De-Flea

Q.) How much does a grooming cost?
A.) Our pricing varies on size of the pet, shape of the coat, behavior of pet during service. Here are our average prices.
Small – Medium Dogs: $75 – $85
Medium – Large Dogs: $85 – $105
Large Dogs: $105 – $120
Extra Large Dogs: $120 – $160
Cats: $75

Q.) Do you service the area I live in?
A.) Currently we serve pets and their owners in NorthEast Ohio

Q.) How do you groom my pet in a van?
A.) Our vans are fully equipped grooming studios on wheels. Everything we need to provide your pet with a safe and high quality grooming experience is on board our van.

Q.) Is it safe to use human shampoo on my pet?
A.) It depends on the product and your pet. Human shampoos are made to conform to human PH levels. Your pets PH level is most likely in a separate range for this reason we do not recommend using human shampoo on your pet except in an emergency

Q.) Do you give a group rate discount for grooming more than one pet during an appointment?
A.) Yes, if we groom more than three pets, we give a ten percent discount.

Q.) Do you board pets or pet sit for people?
A.) No, but we do review and recommend veterinarians, pet sitters and boarding facilities. See our links page for more information.

Q.) Where are you located?
A.) We operate out of Medina County Ohio.

Q.) How do you care for a pet that is shedding all the time?
A.) It is not possible nor desirable to completely stop an animal from shedding its fur. Regular grooming helps to remove shedding hair. Bathing with excellent quality shampoos and conditioners; drying with our high velocity dryers and utilizing proper brushing and combing techniques all work together to manage shedding. We recommend daily brushing between grooming appointments to help reduce shedding, prevent tangling and to aid in maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Q.) Do you take in pets that are homeless?
A.) No we don’t. We recommend they be taken to a local animal shelter or rescue organization. See our links page for more information on local shelters and rescue organizations.