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Mobile Pet Grooming Service

A mobile grooming service has many benefits people may not realize,  such as, reduced stress on your animal because there is no need for kenneling, crating, caging, or waiting at the grooming salon. No costly, time consuming, inconvenient drive to and from the grooming salon for you and your pet.

Also did you realize, that by using a professional mobile grooming service such as ours, each pet is done individually from start to finish, there by eliminating environmental stress from other dogs barking. This also removes the risk of developing flea, tick, and parasitic infestations,  communicable skin conditions, and bacterial and viral diseases?
We are proud to offer you our proven and loved first class experience , that has been perfected over the past 13 years. Here is a recap of our benefits.

  • No stressful, inconvenient drive to the grooming salon for you or your pet
  • Pet grooming in our safe, sanitary, roomy and climate controlled  mobile grooming studio on wheels right in your driveway.
  • Reduced pet stress because there is no kenneling, crating, caging, and waiting at the grooming salon.
  • Absolutely no chance of injury due to dangerous pet interaction.
  • Eliminates infestation of fleas, ticks, and other parasites, skin conditions, bacterial, and viral diseases.
  • Each pet is loved and fussed over as if it were Adam the Groomer’s own.

So what does your pets mobile spa day look like? Each of our furry clients receives the following services:

  • Bath
  • Blow Dry
  • Brush out
  • Clip & Style, personalized breed specific cuts.
  • Nails
  • Ears cleaned
  • Anal Glands expressed
  • Shed-Outs
  • De-Flea

How do we charge for these services? We charge by the size and weight of the dog. The size determines the amount of products we use, and the labor needed to give your pet an amazing experience. Our feline clients receive all the benefits of our K9 clients at one flat rate.

Small: $75-$85.00 ( Up To 70 lbs)
Medium: $85-$105 ( 70-100 lbs )
Large: $105-$120 ( 100 -120 lbs)
Extra large: $120-$160 (120 above lbs)
Cats: $70.00

To become a client of ours, please click on this link and tell us more about your pet:http://www.adamthegroomer.com/new-clients/ . We welcome pictures of your pet as well.